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Google SERP Optimisation Tool

What is this?

We have built this tool to help people with the on-page optimisation of their website. It simulates the search engine results pages (SERPs) seen on Google.
You can enter the meta page title, meta description and URL of your web page below to display a virtual SERP based on the data you enter.

Tip: Google limits SERP titles by pixel width, not by character count
Example: by Thelma Bean - in 199,979 Google+ circles
Example: July 1, 2013
Example: paste words here to simulate bolded query terms.


Our SERP Optimisation tool has been built to reflect Google's rules and behaviour to allow you to get the best results form the snippet optimiser. Some top tips when using the SEPS tool:

You can use this tool to preview what your SERPS display would look like before entering your meta information to the live site and test out what looks and works best for your web page.

The SERPS snippet optimisation tool is programmed to cut off your copy when you have hit your character limit. This will help you to edit your meta title and description and optimise it accordingly.

If you use the date tool remember that each character will be counted towards the character limit for the meta description of 156 characters, this includes spaces.

Google will usually display the date that it found your page in the SERP snippet, however if your page does not contain a date anywhere in the content then the SERP snippet that Google shows probably won't show one either.

Remember that you can edit the date at a later date to optimise your pages further.

The sponsored links ads in our Search engine optimisation tool are set up to simulate the way Google would display your SERP.

The content for the faux ads that appear in your preview are set up purely for this tool in order for you to understand and experience how your SERP will look at number 1 position on Google after paid advertising results

None of these Ads are based on any real Adwords campaigns.

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About 145,000,000 results (0.25 seconds) 

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Here is one Example of a Meta Title Tag that’s Seventy Characters Long

by Thelma Bean - in 199,979 Google+ circles
July 1, 2013 This is an example of how a snippet looks in Google’s SERPs. The text from the Meta. Description tag will often be used here, if relevant to the search term. ...

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Optimising Your Meta Title and Description is key to getting noticed on Google

A huge 95% of internet users will not look beyond the top 20 results on Google and your SERP snippet is the first thing the users will see. It is important to optimise your meta title and description as best you can to sell your services to the user and increase your CTR.

The title of your web page should contain your most important keyword(s) first followed by the company or brand name. The meta title is limited to just 70 characters so you have to be clever and creative with what you want it to say!

The meta description is your opportunity to describe the web page and is limited to 156 characters. Aim to use your keyword within the description to strengthen the SERP snippet.

Your SERP snippet is very important, as it will maximize your click through rate and allow Google to understand more about your webpage. You should see this as your chance to 'advertise' the web page to the user and be constructive and strategic.