Team Reflect are so excited to announce that we have secured a coveted spot on UK Search Awards shortlist for our Find50 Clubs football quiz in the category of 'most innovative campaign'. The UK Search Awards are one of the highest regarded awarding bodies in the UK for the marketing industry and so being shortlisted for such an award is a huge honour. Entries come from top digital agencies across the UK and so competition is fierce!

Where did the idea for Find 50 Clubs come from?

The design team fired up the idea to create the world’s hardest football quiz - a quiz that truly ‘separates the armchair fans from the diehard supporters’. It was created with the aim of demonstrating that it’s possible to produce engaging, fun and shareable content from scratch, launch it on a national scale and successfully build a large, engaged audience.

What was the strategy?

Without giving away too many of our secrets(!)...we launched the game on the Monday before the start of the 2017-18 Premiership, so its time of release was in perfect sync with topical social interest.  However, our strategy actually started 2 weeks prior to launch when we started sharing teaser graphics with a number of sports journalists and relevant websites.  This helped us secure some very high-quality links and social shares. 

Knowing most of our audience would be accessing the game from a mobile, we ensured the game worked well across all device types. We also made it easy to share to Facebook, Twitter and email. 

Why was the campaign innovative?

Our campaign demonstrates innovation as it uses gamification to drive visits, links, data capture and engagement. We over-delivered against the objectives initially set. The game had genuine interest to the publications we outreached to; they were excited by it – so much so that Betfair shared it with their 154k Twitter followers and 632k FB followers just because they loved the game!

Why is it worthy of an award?

With visits going from 0 to 86k in just five weeks, 10% of users providing their data and 15% of users spending over 40 minutes engaged, we smashed our engagement targets. We were also able to generate a large number high quality links.  Users have become addicted to the game, and have taken to social media and football forums in a bid to secure clues and find all 50 clubs! Given the busy world in which we live in, seeing 15% of users spending 40mins+ playing the game was also an amazing achievement.

It would be fantastic to have such a well-recognised accolade that helps cement the fantastic results we have seen from this content piece, so fingers crossed for us please! The awards ceremony will be hosted by Jimmy Carr and held on 30th November at the Ballroom South Bank, London. In the meantime, while not have a go at the game yourself and see what all the fuss is about:

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