It's National Coding Week - a perfect opportunity to inspire the next generation of coders!

This week we will be introducing our awesome techie team and sharing their personal journeys into development as well as their favourite tools...

Meet Enrique...

Hey, I’m Enrique and I’m a Front-End Web Developer here at Reflect Digital! 

I always knew that technology was going to be part of my job because I have always enjoyed playing with technology and seeing how far I can take it! 

In my case, it wasn’t a great epic historical novel, it just happened. I studied Computer Science at University and that’s when my passion for development really grew.

I love that Development is an evolving sector and that you have the opportunity to grow with it and solve technical challenges every day. 

My favourite tools to use have to be Foundation 6, JavaScript and SASS. 

Read more about Enrique here.

Meet Matt...

Hi I’m Matt and I’m a Senior Developer here at Reflect Digital. 

I have always had a passion for technology and really wanted to do something with computers from an early age. 

I love learning new things and seeing what people can do with modern technology so Web Development seemed to be an ideal job role for me to get into, so I thought I’d give it a go and here I am! 

I work on a whole range of client and internal projects at Reflect Digital and recently became AWS certified which was a great achievement!

My favourite tool is Lambda as it is great for quick development which means that I can always get my work done on time and to top standards. I also love this tool because it doesn’t require a server in its infrastructure so it’s much easier to work with!

Read more about Matt here.

Meet Ian...

I’m Ian, a Senior Developer here at Reflect Digital.

When I was younger I loved computer games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and I really wanted to one day learn how to create them myself. This love for gaming sparked an interest in all things technical, but ultimately, it was chance that I actually ended up in web development.

I started out as a Typesetter and then moved into Web Design that had a little coding involved, from here I eventually became a dedicated Developer, now working as a Senior Developer at Reflect Digital - I do still like to dip into my toes in the design pool every so often though!

I really like using Codepen as it allows you to throw quick code nuggets together and play with ideas without configuring ancillary details.

Read more about Ian on his profile.

Meet Tibi...

Hi, I’m Tibi and I’m a UI/UX Developer at Reflect Digital or as I like to call myself a CSS Hero!  

My passion for web development all started when I went to University to study Internet Computing, especially my love for front end development. It was during my studies that I realised how much I enjoyed recreating visually pleasing digital elements and animations that I had once admired as a child. 

After a few different jobs at various companies and the odd freelance project, I found Reflect Digital and I have been here ever since, working on a whole range of awesome projects! 

My favourite tools have to be SCSS and PHPStorm but I am also a big fan of

You can check out Tibi's profile here

Meet Mike...

Hi I’m Mike and I’m Head of Technical a Reflect Digital.

After leaving college, I knew I wanted to work in IT, but wasn’t entirely sure specifically what field it was that I wanted to go into. So I tried a few out. Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked for huge multinationals like Pfizer, General Electric, Hewlett Packard and the Ministry of Defence.

After about 10 years, I realised that I still hadn’t found my niche, so after a chance encounter, helping a friend with their website, I decided to take the plunge and change careers. Going to University wasn’t an option for me as I needed a full-time income, so I decided to teach myself. Using a plethora of online tools, tutorials, and a lot of trial and error, I felt comfortable enough to apply for a job as a Junior Developer.

9 years later, I’ve worked on a huge range of software, tools, platforms and games. I’m still constantly learning, and looking at new technologies and although it took a while, now feel I have found my vocation.

My favourite tool definitely has to be PHPStorm, it is basically a swiss army knife for web developers!

Check out Mike's profile here.


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