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We believe there is an optimum point in every marketing strategy we define as the Sweet Spot. This is the point where the brand, the technology and marketing strategy find the perfect balance to achieve the organisation’s goals.
Delivering impact

Your brand is key to creating the right impression, delivering impact and being memorable. Your brand is more than just your logo, it encompasses how your brand is portrayed and the values that your business lives by, your purpose. Getting your brand look, feel and execution correct is an important success factor when it comes to marketing, especially with the consumer becoming increasingly savvy.

Brand ambition

We do not just want to reflect where your business is today, but instead to reflect the ambition of your brand. We will push you and your business to look to the future and to see where changes need to be made internally to reflect the forward thinking values that your brand portrays.


The brand Sweet Spot

For us the Brand Sweet Spot is achieved with the right level of Research / Values / Creative:

  • Research – we research your current brand position, your audience and your market before engaging in any brand exercise.
  • Values – we work together on either existing values or creating new values that are true to your business and your team but also that your audience will resonate with. These values must clearly demonstrate the purpose of your business.
  • Creative – we ensure the creative execution is pristine and something that demonstrates the ambition within your brand, it has to be memorable, adaptable for the many different mediums and something you are proud of.

Our brand services 

We'll ensure you have a clear brand strategy and that all elements of your brand work together to fuel your business growth. Our core brand services are:


Our methodology

We use
  • A human approach, we are all humans, after all, so we need to ensure we continue to think like humans.
  • Data insights, in a world full of data, it is imperative we select the right data to help make critical decisions.
  • Research, ensuring we know enough of a business’ history and market place is essential in preparing a well thought out strategy.
Our decisions are
  • Based on fact as well as expertise, cold hard facts are always useful, but we ensure we use our expertise and experience collaboratively to keep our human touch.

Our approach

We are
  • Agile, our industry is fluid and always changing, therefore, we must be ready to adjust to ensure we are always moving forward. Testing and learning are key traits of successful strategies.
  • Creativity runs through everything we do – it helps convey emotion and it delivers memorability, therefore we challenge the norm.
  • Collaboration – our clients are our partners, we see ourselves as an extension of their business and we understand the impact of what we do on their business.

Time to talk to us

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Meet our brand strategy team

At Reflect Digital we have a team of friendly and fun individuals who are passionate about what they do. Want to know more about the people you could be working with? Meet our friendly experts below.

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