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Starwood Hotels – Sheraton Grand Edinburgh

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide is a subsidiary of Marriott International. Amongst others, the group owns world-famous luxury hotel chain Sheraton.

Reflect Digital was approached by Starwood Hotels to provide strategic SEO support for eight hotels within the Starwood Hotels group. The initial requirement was to technically audit, provide recommendations and create new content for the Sheraton Grand Edinburgh website.

The Brief

Starting in February 2017, the brief from Starwood Hotels was to carry out technical SEO analysis and provide professional copywriting to improve search visibility and increase relevant traffic to the website for the Sheraton Grand Hotel Edinburgh with the view to ultimately increasing conversions.

Conversions for the Sheraton Grand Edinburgh comprised hotel bookings as well as bookings for their restaurant and spa.

It was critical that the traffic generated was highly relevant and made up of users who would engage with the content on the site.

The overarching goal was to position the Sheraton Grand Edinburgh as the premier destination in the heart of the city and to differentiate the hotel within a location crowded with competitors. This positioning had to appeal to both the local and international market.

It was imperative that all content created by Reflect Digital adhered to strict brand guidelines laid out by the client. As a premium brand, the content had to evoke feelings of luxury and quality throughout.

Our Solution

Reflect Digital’s SEO team conducted a thorough technical audit of the Sheraton Grand Edinburgh website and made a number of recommendations including site speed optimisation, website architecture and ensuring SEO best practice.

Due to scope of the brief the work focused largely on on-page optimisation. Keyword research was a key part of the solution in order to pinpoint valuable, relevant terms that were not currently being exploited.

Through the intelligence gathered in this research stage Reflect Digital was able to strategically tailor on-site elements such as meta titles, header tags, alt tags and anchor text to increase the relevance of the target pages to the search queries used by the target audience.

Following the keyword research we were able to create unique, keyword focused content aimed at gaining new organic traffic for the Sheraton Grand for key local and global terms. Targeting local phrases such as ‘Hotels near …’ was a new strategy for the Sheraton Grand Edinburgh and one that paid dividends in increasing search visibility and engagement.

Reflect Digital overhauled previously content light key pages within the website such as descriptions of the guest rooms and spa facilities as well as identifying gaps in the content.

The content created by Reflect Digital also had to serve the purpose of encouraging visitors to book a stay at the hotel, meal at the restaurant or spa experience. This content focused on the aspects of the hotel that the client wished to promote taking in to consideration their own content calendar and the hotel’s seasonal offerings.


By the end of 2017, The Sheraton Grand Edinburgh website saw a 74.61% year on year increase in organic search traffic following six consecutive months of traffic growth.

There was also continued month on month increase in organic search visitors making bookings on the website and visiting the group site to make bookings. December was also the sixth month of consecutive growth in organic search completions with booking enquiries up 44.4% year on year.

In terms of search visibility, we saw the site achieve multiple first page rankings for key global and local search terms.

Furthermore, the website outranked key competitors for a large number of relevant terms. All in all the new content created, coupled with SEO improvements led to considerable improvements in the performance of the Sheraton Grand Edinburgh website and a marked increase in conversions as a result.


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