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I’m not getting the right traffic to my website

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Traffic that brings you leads & sales

We have heard this complaint many times before, that a website receives a lot of traffic, but that the leads/sales are lacking. The traffic figure can look good in a board report but it is meaningless if you are not attracting the right users and converting them.


Business growth not just traffic growth

Our focus as an agency is on delivering tangible impact, not just traffic growth. When a potential client comes to us with this challenge, we have a clear process that we follow:


Discovery kick-off

We can’t do anything until we get to know your business, we need to understand what you do, who your clients are and what the purpose of the website is within the overall business strategy. This is a great opportunity to get under the skin of the website and to understand from a business perspective what is expected of the site. Through this discovery, we would delve into the content of the website and to understand who it is targeted at e.g. is there a big support section that is for current customers etc.

By getting to grips with this, when we start to audit the website traffic we will be able to segment any traffic that is not there to convert - this will give us a better indication of the conversion rate for the website. 


Analytics & tracking review

With our team having a better understanding of the website, our next step is to get into the data, this may be Google Analytics or it may be any other web tracking software you are using. We will also use our own tools of choice to look at keyword rankings, market share analysis and search visibility. If online ads are being run, we will request access to review these accounts as well. 

This will help us to see where the traffic is coming from and where on the website it is landing. We can then start to get a clear picture of the different types of user and what journey they take on the website.


UX review

Our team will then start to delve into the design of the website, to understand how users will navigate it and whether the website is actually driving them to do the actions you are aiming for. A UX review can take many forms from a more basic internal review to us recruiting testers all the way through to biometric testing. We will advise what we feel is required for your website and your goals. 

From the UX review, we would put together an overall report looking at how users interact with the website, what the opportunities are and the priority to take these actions. The actions could range from a small tweak the way a form is physically positioned or to how it is titled and the fields it requests, through to a design overhaul. Getting the conversion optimisation right for your website should be number one priority before looking at driving more traffic, as this is wasted effort if the website or landing page is letting you down.



From conducting our full discovery phase we will be able to advise your business of our suggested next steps. This advice will be based on data, research, expertise and our human approach to ensure we are looking at the opportunity objectively and in line with your organisation objectives. Our mission is to deliver tangible impact, therefore we will ensure we are advising of the priority for change to ensure your business will feel the biggest impact from our work. We will be working towards achieving your Sweet Spot, the point in which your brand, technology and marketing harmonise to ensure the best opportunity for conversion.

At this stage, we will present you with our costs to take this project forward and we will manage expectations regarding timescale and likely results. If this sounds like a process your business needs to go through, then please get in touch today!

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