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I need more leads and sales

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Fuelling business growth

This is a common requirement for our clients and one we love to tackle and deliver tangible results for. Our expertise here at Reflect Digital covers many disciplines and sectors, therefore, we are able to come at this goal from multiple angles to plan a campaign that fits your full requirements.

We will work closely with your business, diving deeper into this requirement to understand timescales, budget, your internal procedures, your lead to sale conversion rate and more.

A strategy for your goals

This all helps to understand the wider picture to ensure the strategy we suggest is fit for purpose for your business and can deliver against your wider goals too.

Our process is unique to your requirements, below we walk you through some of our starting points…


Full strategy review

Before we dive in and start to put recommendations forward it is really important we understand how the website and strategy to date have been performing. We would conduct a full discovery phase where look at previous campaigns, results and get a clear understanding of performance to date. We will also take time to understand your audience to ensure everything we consider can be aligned to their likely behaviours.

From completing this exercise we will be in a much better position to advise on strategy going forward. Depending on activity to date, this could be a quick process or a more detailed analysis to ensure we are approaching our ideas from a knowledgeable position. We may also suggest putting in place further tracking at this point that will allow us to understand conversion paths etc. Or we may need to look at further research such as a full UX audit which could also include biometric user testing to give us the most detailed understanding of your conversion rate opportunities.


Understanding your results to date…

Means we can advise you where you should be going… This is where things start to get exciting, if we understand your previous history we can ensure our strategy is built for growth. At this point, we will also know what should be tracked going forward that may have been missing previously, so this is a great opportunity to get your ducks in a row! Whether we are suggesting UX changes to the website or a full new website you can be sure we will have research to back up our recommendations. If we are suggesting changes to your current website but we did not build it we have many options, we can either work with your existing development company, if the site is built in a language we are specialist in we can take on the work, or if not we can help you find a partner to deliver these changes.

Either way, we will ensure you are in safe hands and that we have clear measures in place to ensure the work we are doing can be tracked so performance can be reviewed - transparency is key for results.


Your house is in order, now what?

We need to ensure the right traffic is arriving to your site and finding the perfect page for their requirements. We will look at everything from SEO, to PPC to social and email campaigns to understand the best opportunities and to match these up to your audience profiles. We will take each channel and complete research to understand the following, where applicable, search volumes, search intent, cost per click, competition, content, engagement, following etc. We will also look at all of the above in the context of your business needs, for example, if you need to see an immediate increase then we know PPC is going to be more important than SEO short term.

Where we can, we will look at expected traffic levels, the time period for delivery and our anticipated conversion rate and CPL. This data is estimated, but invaluable when it comes to planning a profitable campaign that will make a tangible impact on your business.


Let’s also talk about engagement…

We’ll know how engaged your audience has been and you’ll be able to offer insight into customer retention, repeat purchases etc. So based on this data, we’ll look at if we need to improve audience engagement if that is right for your strategy. Here we will consider what content will resonate and how we can ensure we start a conversation with users as opposed to just producing throw-away content. We’ll look at gamification and whether there is a place for this in your strategy, there are so many pro’s for gamifying but only if those pro’s match up with your business goals.

It is all about finding your Sweet Spot, your strategy should be the right balance of brand, technology and marketing to ensure your audience can find you, trust you and become customers and advocates for your brand.


Time to talk to us

If this sounds like a match for what you are looking for from your agency, then please get in contact today and we can get the wheels in motion!

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