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Drupal Websites

Drupal is one of the most flexible open-source CMS available in the market today.

Why Drupal

This system is designed solely to be flexible for the user so that any of the key functions or interfaces can be easily changed. Whole new modules can be written specifically for the user. If a site needs to be increased for any reason, whether that be incorporating a multi-language tool, ecommerce shopping carts etc.… the core modules of the site do not need to be reprogrammed to incorporate any of the new features being added to the site. Other features that have been adapted for small to medium scale websites as well as large-scale sites are as follows:

  • User friendly URLs – these URLs are fully user friendly for the user and also for the search engines whilst allowing the user to customise as you wish
  • Role permission systems- Various permission levels can be setup to enable a senior user to update all pages. A junior user will only be able to edit a page such as the news and events sections of a site
  • Search- All content is able to be fully searchable at any time- this allows the users quick access to content.
  • Complete version control- this functionality allows visibility of changes made to various versions including, who changed the content, the date it was changed. There is also an option to track comments and it will allow you to go back to older versions of the content for review.
  • Analysis & Tracking- the system works with the standard Google Analytics tool to produce browser-based reports.
  • Reporting- all traffic & events are captured in an event log and are available for a key administrator to view and action at a later date.
  • Data Capture- the system holds forms that are designed to collect data securely and to store the information within the system. This information is then only accessible to users with permission rights.

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