Brighton SEO: Supercharging SEO impact by understanding user intent

In the digital world, it is so easy to get wrapped up in data and to forget the humans you are ultimately aiming to engage.

In this session, Becky will unpack how to ensure you have a human focus within your keyword research by understanding intent. Giving tips and tricks on how to think about intent and then most importantly what to then do about it to ensure an SEO strategy focused on impact. The talk will cover language, landing pages and then how to measure impact. Furthermore, Becky will touch on how to think about where SEO fits into your wider strategy and how to ensure you are not marketing in silos, but building a connected journey for your audience.

Join us at the BrightonSEO Summer event for an inspiring 2-day online conference where Becky will be speaking alongside some of the industries leading SEO experts.

To find out more about the event click here.


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Reflect Digital was once nothing but a dream in Becky’s head. Becky is Reflect Digital’s CEO, having started Reflect Digital in 2011 she has grown the business to the strong agency team it is today.

Becky is a strategist at heart, and she shares her experience and knowledge with the Reflect Digital team and the business we work with. Full of creative ideas but with an eye always on ROI, Becky has a natural talent for spotting campaign opportunities and ensuring value is delivered.

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