We are thrilled to announce that on the 27th of February, Reflect Digital are heading to Dublin for the exciting Pint-Sized Marketing event in Dublin, where our CEO Becky Simms will be taking to the stage to give insights on writing human-centric content.

Becky will be giving the talk “What would Bert do? How Bert would write content that Ernie would love.” 

In a post-BERT world, we are going to see an ongoing shift in Google getting closer to understanding content the same way humans do, there is still a way to go. This paves the way for the SEO community to do what they should have been doing already - putting users at the centre of their content.

To truly be good as an SEO is more than just achieving rankings, it is sparking action from users. To do this, as much as we understand Google, SEO, the algorithm, we also need to understand humans and language. Language is complicated, hence why Google has yet to conquer it fully.

Language, when understood in the context of behavioural economics, offers so much opportunity. We have so much power with the words we choose to use, we can use content to prime user perception and to nudge behaviour.

This talk will offer an insight into a number of behavioural economic models that help to drive action from content. Looked at in the context of SEO and the user journey by understanding user intent the talk will offer a new way to consider your content strategy.

The talk will leave the audience with a new and exciting way to consider their content strategy.

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Pint-Sized Marketing is a relaxed environment that offers digital marketers from all backgrounds a place to focus on learning, networking and discovering new strategies for free.


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