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Call to Action

A call-to-action is usually abbreviated as CTA and refers to the content – in the form of either an image or a line of text - that behaves as a stimulus and has a primary function to prompt visitors, customers, or listeners to take an action.


Call to Action CTA

What is a Call to action?

A CTA is an effective tool for encouraging and persuading visitors, leads or customers to take a desirable action. Companies use call-to-actions for a variety of reasons: to increase sales, build an email list, increase social media following, and prolong time-on-site to name a few. Some of the most commonly seen CTA examples are: ‘Download an eBook’, ‘Download a guidebook’, ‘Sign-up to a webinar’ or ‘Call now’. As you can see from the examples, all of these CTA include an imperative verb, which is a necessary inclusion for CTA to encourage individuals to perform the desired action.

Call to actions on website

What are CTAs used for?

It is often thought that CTAs are used only in the sales process but this is not necessarily the case, especially when customers are interested in a high priced item or service. In a case like this, a CTA such as ‘Call now for a free estimate’ or ‘Get an instant price’ is likely to be more effective.

What makes a CTA effective?

CTAs entice customers to take the desired action when implemented properly, therefore you have to take into consideration several elements when using CTAs. In the first instance, your CTA needs to be noticeable and eye-catching; potential customers need to be aware that the CTA exists if you want them to follow that customer journey. It is recommended that your CTA contrasts with your website design in terms of colours to ensure it stands out and is large enough to be seen. Your CTA phrase needs to be concise and use actionable verbs that attract the attention of your visitors. Your CTA needs a clear value proposition so visitors are fully aware of what will happen or will be received upon clicking. Your visitor is more likely to click on a CTA if they know what they’re getting in exchange for doing so. Lastly, create a landing page that visitors, leads and customers land on as a result of clicking on the CTA.

What are the benefits of CTAs?

A strong CTA will assist in increasing the conversion rate of a website by encouraging more users to complete the desirable actions. With this in mind, calls to action should be tested as part of a robust CRO (conversion rate optimisation) plan to ensure the CTAs used are the best ones for your audience and goals.

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