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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation - more often abbreviated to CRO - is the process of using insights into user behaviour on a website to improve its performance. Essentially, the focus is on existing KPI’s (key performance indicators) and trying to improve these by enhancing the usability and streamlining customer journeys on the site.


Conversion Rate Optimisation CRO

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

CRO focuses on using a logical approach to improve the performance of your website by increasing the percentage of your website visitors that complete desired actions.

It may also be helpful to define what a conversion is. A conversion is a term used to distinguish a user that has completed a desired goal on your website. For example, online retail sites will have an objective for customers to purchase products from their site; if a customer commits this action, this will be identified as a conversion.

The process of Conversion Rate Optimisation would involve marketers taking insights from Google Analytics and/or user-feedback, to gauge an understanding of customer behaviour when landing on their site. This could be by looking at bounce rate, average session time and conversion rates; measuring profits, ROI and audience; and analysing your traffic sources. It is important to note that CRO isn’t based on assumption - it is influenced by insights and analytics to form a systematic approach.

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How is conversion rate calculated?

Conversion rate is calculated by the number of times a visitor completes a goal or desired action, divided by your site traffic. Therefore conversion rate optimisation focuses on optimising the user’s experience from the point of landing on the webpage, unlike SEO and PPC which focus on prior stages.

What are the benefits of CRO?

Although there is not a direct relation between CRO and organic website traffic, or an improved ranking within Google SERPs, CRO does benefit SEO in a number of ways. For example, CRO provides improved customer insights which benefit SEO in terms of providing a better understanding of your primary audience and what messages are working effectively to communicate with them. CRO improves ROI which, in essence, focuses on encouraging existing loyal customers to spend more without having to bring in more potential customers. An increase in scalability is another result of CRO which works effectively to ensure conversions are still occurring when your audience is dwindling. Improved user experience is important for SEO reasons, as all the efforts of attracting visitors to your website and providing relevant content will go a miss if the user experience isn’t there. Lastly, increased user-to-website trust; for your visitors to want to share personal details about themselves and/or credit card details, they need to trust your website.

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