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Display advertising

Display advertising is simply advertising on a third party's website that stands out from the other content on the webpage. It is obviously an advert and often takes the form of banners, videos or leaderboards


Display advertising

Display advertising refers to the image and video advertising that is shown across webpages. These are paid ads, which are displayed only on sites that are part of the Google Display Network. Google pays website owners to have slots on their pages that it can use to show ads on.

Companies can manage how their ads are shown through Google Ads, while website owners can manage how their website is used to show ads through Google AdSense.

In recent years, display advertising across social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, has become more popular, and are now challenging Google’s market dominance.

Display ads tend to be eye-catching and colourful; as such their intended purpose is to grab the user’s attention and promote awareness of the brand or product. They are not necessarily designed to gain conversions and it is important that digital marketers are aware of this.

Varieties of Display Ads

Media ads come in a wide range of formats, with each being more appropriate for different goals and purposes. This is something that web marketers should remain aware of when creating ads to ensure they achieve the best return on investment.

Banner ads are the most common type of display ad.  They are placed in and around webpages and come in the form of images, gifs and messages, which lead to the advertised business’s website.

Rich Media ads are like banners, except they use advanced features including video, audio and other interactive elements. These ads can be very effective for encouraging user engagement.

Video ads as well as being shown across websites, video ads are also shown throughout YouTube videos and Google partner video sites. They are effective at providing more detail on the brand or product. If advertising on YouTube, advertisers will also benefit from detailed targeting options, allowing them to target specific YouTube channels and videos. 

How to Use Display Ads for Sales

Getting display ads up and running on Google or social media sites is fairly straightforward. Marketers can upload their images, videos and banners to Google Ads or the social network’s own advertising platform.

Some advertising platforms, including Google, also provide you with tools and pre-made assets to help build your own ads quickly.

Some advertising platforms also provide references for successful ads and formats, should you need inspiration or guidance in creating your own.

Putting Ads on a Webpage Using Google AdSense

For those looking to host adverts on their website or blog page, Google AdSense can be used to monetize your page. Users can designate areas of their webpages that can be used by Google to deliver advertising and then receive payment based on the cost per click and the click-through rate of ads displayed. Designating more space on a page for ads to appear, will typically lead to a higher profit as the ads that appear will be more engaging, leading to a higher click-through rate.  

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