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Off-page SEO

Refers to any techniques or strategies that will improve the ranking of a website without changing anything on the website itself. This can be practices such as utilising outreach for the purpose of backlinks, Google My Business optimisation and citation building.


Off-page SEO off-site SEO

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO covers all techniques and strategies put in place that will aid a website’s rankings without modifying the information on the website itself. Off-page SEO can include, but is not limited to, the following common tasks:

  • Outreach or Linkbuilding
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Brand Mentions
  • Google My Business
  • Citation building
  • Guest posting or blogging

Off-page SEO is crucial to an overall SEO strategy as it allows marketers to continue growing their website without needing to modify the content on it. On-page SEO will handle work such as meta title changes, content writing and any technical work that will need doing, whilst off-page SEO will work on increasing awareness for the branding via promotion through other websites.

Effective off-page strategy

An effective Off-page SEO strategy will complement the work done on the site by promoting awareness to a wider audience. This is achieved by combining the tasks mentioned above, to increase visibility.

One of the most effective methods of improving rankings for a website (outside of adding additional content being written for the website), is to build links going to that website. This is due to the Google algorithm valuing links as a means to determine the authority of a website.

Backlink set up

Other methods, such as setting up a Google My Business page and citation building, aim to establish your business and website across the web with submissions to directories with the same business information.

Off-page SEO as a defence

Although we can use off-page SEO as a means to improve our rankings, we can also use it to stop any negative SEO happening to a website in the form of backlink analysis. Negative SEO can be combatted in the form of a disavow file; a signal to Google that there are websites linking to your website that you do not necessarily want linking to you as they could be unrelated.

Google My Business Listing

As mentioned above, citation and Google My Business work can also lend itself to be problematic if they are not standardised across the web, as they would be sending differing signals about your business.

Other considerations

Off-page SEO works best when complemented by a well thought-out and solid on-page SEO strategy, as improvements to the website will naturally lend themselves to promotion of the website on other areas of the web.

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