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Online marketing

Online marketing is the process of using tools and strategies to promote products and services via the internet. Some examples of online marketing channels include SEO, PPC, email and social media marketing


Online marketing digital marketing, e-marketing

Online marketing, also called internet marketing and digital marketing, is a set of tools and methods used to promote products and services via the internet. It can bring many benefits to a business like the potential to grow, competitive advantage and better customer service.

Online marketing can be done over many channels. Social media, email marketing, pay per click advertising (PPC), search engine optimisation (SEO) and display advertising are all examples of marketing channels.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are the big players in social media. Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly users according to Statistica 2018. Twitter has 330 million and Instagram 800 million. This gives huge earning potential to businesses that use social media. If a business isn’t on social media already, it should definitely consider it as part of their online marketing strategy.

Marketing tools used to boost social media performance comprise of social media schedulers like Buffer, Google Trends and Google Alerts to get the latest trending content. This helps with tracking popular content so a business can produce their own content on this subject.

Email marketing

It’s a cost-effective method of communication to send directly to customers. 205 billion emails are sent per day, and 44% of Americans check their emails 1-3 times daily. If a business aims to reach a specific target market they already have data on, email marketing may be an effective way to get a sale. A 2015 study shows that around 24% of revenue for retailers comes from email marketing.


PPC involves targeting and matching ads to specific users. The typical click-through rate of an ad is about 2%, but the return on investment varies depending on the business, industry and how well the advertising and user experience is managed.

Some of the best PPC tools include Microsoft Excel for analysis and reporting, Google Analytics, Google Ads for running the ads themselves, and Google Keyword Planner for research.


SEO involves the techniques that can be used to improve a website’s organic search engine ranking for a given search query. 92% of searchers don’t go beyond the first results page, so it is important to increase your organic visibility to generate more traffic.

There are many SEO tools available to help improve your organic presence. This can include a variety of keyword position tracking and auditing tools. Google Keyword Planner is a great resource for keyword research, while Screaming Frog is a versatile tool for auditing your website. Google Search Console also provides great advice and guidance for optimising your website for search engines.

Free or paid for, it is important to do a detailed analysis of the tools that are right for a certain business. Alternatively, an online marketer can make these decisions on a client’s behalf or after a consultation. Online marketing is a vast topic that many applications can help boost, and is vital in increasing traffic and sales of any business.

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