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Twitter is a free social networking site that enables members to post short ‘tweets’ and follow other users' ‘tweets’.



Twitter is a free social networking site that enables members to post short ‘tweets’ and follow other users’ tweets. These users can be friends, brands, celebrities and other icons that have a profile. It is one of the most popular social media platforms that allow different communities to communicate. The main advantage is that tweets are posted in real-time, so they can reach a wide range of audiences.

How to use Twitter

Essentially, the more followers you have, the more people see your posts. It is often described as a form of microblogging where tweets that have a limit of 280 characters are posted onto the site followed by hashtags. The hashtags help boost attention, join in wider conversations and get the attention of relevant communities, whilst the character limit makes them short and easy to read.

Twitter is very simple to use and requires a free account that can be accessed through an app or the web. To receive tweets from users, simply follow someone you are interested in and their posts will show up in your feed. You can unfollow them at any time. Posts can consist of news updates, general thoughts of the user, marketing and links to posts online. Subsequently, users have different purposes for the social site.  Many celebrities use Twitter as a way to develop a more personal connection with fans.

Tips to get more followers

  1. Tweet often - "tweeting" the right amount can make or break your account. Posting too little will not gain many followers, posting too much won’t get the right attention either as it will spam users’ feeds. Research suggests between 3-7 tweets a day for brands is a good idea.
  2. Tweet timing - supposedly, the best times for a business to tweet are around 5-6pm. But around 12pm can also a lead to a higher click-through rate. This is most likely because of breaks and people leaving work around these times.
  3. It’s all about engagement - interacting with posts, retweeting, favouriting and posting on things you find interesting is more likely to get you a following who may be interested in your business. For example, commenting on a news issue in a post with a hashtag or commenting on a media post is likely to get you more attention than saying nothing at all.
  4. Deck out your profile - make your profile and banner images eye-catching and complementary to your brand. Make sure your colour scheme matches all of these too.
  5. Be yourself - this is the most important one! Twitter users will see straight through poor attempts to get followers. Composing interesting, amusing tweets keeps followers engaged and your profile up to date. This also includes posting articles you find interesting and want to comment on.
  6. Use hashtags - they’re a vital part of how Twitter works so you need to know how to use them correctly. They expose you to everyone monitoring for that particular hashtag. Use ones that are trending. However, they should be used in moderation - overdoing it will decrease your tweet’s quality.

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