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Vlog is a video form of a blog that allows users to express feelings, thoughts, emotions and activities in their day-to-day life.



What is a Vlog?

A vlog is a video form of a blog that allows users to express feelings, thoughts, emotions and activities in their day-to-day life. There’s been a surge of popularity in vlogs in recent years with the development of high speed Internet. Vlogging has been used by individuals and brands on platforms such as YouTube to gain millions of subscribers and build million-pound brands.

A vlogger is an individual who is in the videos and who uploads them to be available to the public on platforms such as blogs, social media, video and streaming sites. Popular topics include food, travel, reviews, health & beauty, video gaming and updates on companies or individuals.

It has changed the way marketing and advertisements are viewed by millions online. Vlogging can be an important tool for businesses to increase brand awareness. It is an affordable method of creating information for users in an easily accessible manner. As a result, it is a powerful means for brands to interact with their audiences. Aside from directly vlogging, businesses can also reach audiences by partnering with popular vlogging figures to create sponsored content.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Vlogs can be recorded regularly or intermittently, such as daily, weekly or when an activity is conducted. They offer several distinct advantages over traditional blogs. They boost the credibility of the author as the individual is both heard and seen. Secondly, vlogs can be more engaging and accessible to the public, as video content is often easier to consume than more lengthy written content.

However, they do have their drawbacks. Vlogs may be less accessible to those with a slower Internet connection, as buffering and loading times may discourage users. Additionally, search engines are less able to identify the content of videos, meaning they may be less likely to show up in search. However, this is vastly improving, with 62% of all Google searches now including video content. Finally, the creation process of a vlog is a lot longer than traditional blogs, as significant video editing is required for quality content.

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