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The Joomla content management system allows users to build sites and powerful online applications.


This system is easy to use with vast extensibility that has made Joomla a very popular content management system. Joomla is also available to anyone.

Many companies ranging from small businesses to larger corporates have used Joomla.

Some examples of how companies could use Joomla range from Corporate Websites or portals, Online magazines, Newsletters, Application forms and Corporate intranets.

The system is easy to use, install and set up so with a minimal amount of instruction from us you will also be able to use this system.

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Thanks for everything! I'm thrilled, you have met all our expectations and delivered bang on schedule.


Claire Gannon - Sales and Marketing Director at SBL

What is excellent about Reflect Digital's service is the way they respond to customer queries. I never had to wait or chase them for a response and any issue was dealt with there and then. On a number of occasions they were good enough to provide me with technical assistance when I asked


Lucy Trimmer, Management Systems Consultant, 2SB

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Ian Stanley, Senior Developer

Hello, my name's Ian and I'm a webaholic. The internet has been running in my veins since 2000 when I was a wee nipper (well, 20). Before the internet took hold of me I was primarily a graphic designer and studied IT at college, entering the workplace on a training scheme. I'm a senior developer at Reflect Digital and my spare time is mostly spent with my wife and kids.


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