Andy Campbell investor and director of Reflect Digital

Andy Campbell

About Andy

I'm Andy, an investor and director of Reflect Digital. Astonishingly I have been doing this IT apprenticeship for the past forty five years and still have a lot to learn! Having been MD of Reflex Magnetics, where I worked for twenty of those forty years, and helping negotiate a successful company sale in 2006 I hope to bring some of my past experience to aid the growth of this exciting enterprise. I have always thought that giving the clients "that personal touch" and affording their business the sort of respect you would wish people would give to you was the surest route to success. This will be a company I can be proud of and you will be able to trust.

Andy's Likes & Dislikes

Being a sad old rocker I have to say my biggest like is music, especially live music. I can't count the amount of gigs I been to over the past forty eight years! Food, travel and cars come very close runners up, I manage to combine all three as often as possible! I could have included supporting Arsenal here as well but it's been a little torturous over the past few years. My dislikes are injustice, rudeness and squeaky beans.

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