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Charlotte Wright

About Charlotte

I'm Charlotte! I work as a Web Designer here at Reflect Digital. When I was younger it seemed like I always had a creative project on the go, from building Tracey Island to hand crafting dream catchers and birdhouses. The fridge was full of my ‘masterpieces’!

Art and design was definitely my favourite subject at school, this heavily influenced the course I went on to study at University - Multimedia Design and Technology (with a year in industry) at the University of Kent, Canterbury. I graduated with a First Class Hons. The course covered many different areas including 3D modelling, programming and web design. I am now happier than ever working in a creative agency, working on a wide range of digital and print projects.

Charlotte's Likes & Dislikes

I am a massive true crime fan, I have spent hours and hours watching documentaries and listening to podcasts like MFM and Sword & Scale (mojito in hand). Then get scared and have to Google pictures of baby sloths so I can sleep at night. I’m also really in to special effects makeup, my favourite costume being the time I dressed up as a White Walker for Halloween.

I am terrified of earthworms, just writing the word made me shudder. Special thanks goes to my brother who put 30 of them in the paddling pool with me when I was younger. I don’t like cats, especially the ones that don’t like cuddles (pugs all the way). Mushrooms are gross.

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