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Chris Lewis

About Chris

Hi, I’m Chris, Head of Growth at Reflect Digital. 

I’m a vintage-inspired futurist who's found his way into the world of digital.

I studied Criminology at Manchester University, ended up in the underground music scene for a few years, and then found my way into digital marketing. By now, I’ve pretty much covered most areas of digital marketing, with a particular interest in Search and UX.

I enjoy connecting with people and helping them to find the right solution to their challenge, whether that’s working with us or pointing them in the right direction.

I’m all about humaning. I love helping people develop, both personally and professionally, whether that’s being an ideas board or an ear to listen.

I believe in working smart, being collaborative, and getting things done.

Chris's Likes & Dislikes


I’m definitely a multipotentialite. I seem to have a new interest every week, and when I do I become obsessed. If you ask anyone who knows me they’ll definitely say I know more than anyone ever should about denim and the most obscure random things; did you know one bale of cotton can produce up to 225 pairs of jeans.

In summary, any opportunity to learn something new, I’m there!

I love all things vintage, from clothes to furniture. I enjoy city breaks, exploring new places, and finding that random shop full of interesting things down a forgotten backstreet.

I do enjoy a coffee, maybe two, probably three, ok, let’s just say I’ve got a coffee drinking problem. I’ve recognised it and I’m working on it.

I love all animals, and I have a cat called Dizzee Rascal, and I’m looking to get a dog, most likely a German Shepherd, and maybe one day a herd of Llamas.

Personal wellbeing is very close to my heart, especially mental health and fitness. I’d recommend mediation to everyone, and when you’re stressed, listening to classical music can go a long way.


Negativity, who doesn't? Nobody can be happy all the time, and there’s a thing such a toxic positivity. However, those people who always have a bad word to say or see the cup half empty I tend to avoid.

Coriander, the devil’s herb. Apparently, it’s all the DNA, the receptor called OR6A2 to be precise. It makes people, like me, taste soap when eating the stuff. 

People who like to use a big word or over-complicate language. I’ve got nothing against having an extensive vocabulary, however, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple, and say it as it is!

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