Chris Parker - Senior SEO Executive at Reflect Digital

Chris Parker

About Chris

Hi I'm Chris, Search Executive at Reflect Digital. It's safe to say I've always been involved in website design in one way or another, be it designing applications that run on a website, or even the website itself, I like to get stuck in to all aspects of it.

My passion for optimisation came about after being introduced to Google Tag Manager when I realised you can mix the geekery of programming with the knowledge of Marketing and get some pretty interesting results. From there I delved into the world of Search Engine Optimisation and have been enthralled by all aspects of it; from the User Experience and journey, all the way down to how the page loads and interacts with the servers.

In my sparetime you can probably find me hunched over one of the latest games or lamenting over my too large library of games I've yet to play. That or trying my best not to annoy the neighbours (and people I live with!) trying to learn the guitar.

Chris's Likes & Dislikes

My likes include video and board games, anything computer related (I love building them and for some reason troubleshooting them) and currently gifs of dogs falling over in slow motion (slow motion being the most important part). If you've ever seen their faces, you'll know what I mean.

My dislikes include black pudding, because who on earth wants to eat a blood sausage? Coffee, mainly due to it tasting just too bitter, and fad dieting, I can't even keep up with them there's that many!

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