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Ciaran Oliver

About Ciaran

​​​​​​​I am a passionate people person, I love meeting new people and seeing what we can learn together, I think that every day is an opportunity to do something different, I'm always trying to think smarter about how we do things in our lives to make them better for all of us. I'm a big believer in community and what you can add to the greater good.

How did you get into what you do? 

My hand was forced into digital, I was a commercial photographer for a number of years, lots of books based in the Caribbean, lots of hanging out of helicopters trying to get the best angles, but what I didn't realise at the time was my industry was being disrupted by both the advent of digital cameras and online stock libraries. Before you knew it my wage had quartered and I was looking on Twitter for work, I got quite good a finding work on Twitter and ended up teaching others how to use it to find business and eventually, I became a digital marketeer.

Why are you passionate about what you do? 

SEO had such a bad reputation for a while, I would spend half my time explaining that what we were doing wasn't 'bad' or 'black hat' it made me quite zealous about the good SEO and the good it can do for businesses and the end-user, we are making things more visible so everyone can find what they are looking for.  

What's been your career highlight to date? 

I think pitching and winning American Express worldwide was pretty good. But I know that all glory is fleeting and that the ego is actually your enemy, so I really think my highlights have been when I have helped a junior understand something, or watching them grown in confidence so they are then leading the pitch, that's the dream that we all progress to a higher plain. 

What do you love to do that may not be mentioned above?

I love spending time with my kids and watching them grow, watching them discover their own paths is amazing. I make a lot of ceramics, I like making large bowls and coffee mugs. I stood for the Green party for a number of years in my local elections. I was educated in London, Brussels and Mexico City.

Ciaran's Likes & Dislikes


  • Proportional representation
  • Stoic Philosophy (big up Marcus Aurelius!) 
  • Cycling 


  • Our throwaway culture
  • Inequality
  • Sleet 

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