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Enrique Valles

About Enrique

Hi! My name is Enrique. I'm a Web Developer at this amazing company.

I regard myself as honest, polite and able to work independently in a busy environment or within a team. I am able to listen effectively when solving problems. Since I was a teenager I have liked everything do to with computers, for that reason I went on to study computer science. In 2014 I completed my degree focusing myself in web development. At Reflect Digital my main duties include frontend development, everything that makes a website cool!

Enrique's Likes & Dislikes

I am originally from Spain. I love  going to the beach and enjoying Sunday paellas. During my spare time I enjoy watching films and TV series, travel, play sports and live music, always with a cold beer or a big glass of red wine.

Moreover, if you want to find me in my best moment, I don't recommend you to meet with me in a hospital to eat some peas with a warm beer. This combination could be explosive!

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