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Frankie Plummer

About Frankie

I’m Frankie, SEO Executive at Reflect Digital.

My interest in SEO developed out of my prior digital marketing experience, where I found it to be the most interesting, challenging and changeable of the marketing disciplines. It also allows me to put my English degree and writing skills to good use through keyword and content optimisation.

Without SEO, I would merely be a heavily indebted, above-average Scrabble player.

Frankie's Likes & Dislikes

I really enjoy reading, particularly introspective literary fiction, biographies about strange people, and non-fiction on human psychology. Some of my favourite authors are Tao Lin, David Foster Wallace and Nicholson Baker.

I love writing fiction too, and it’s my ambition to have a novel published before I am 30. 

I also enjoy rock and punk music, although I like all sorts really. I also play the guitar and drums, and was in bands throughout school and university which was great fun. 

I dislike cosplay, I don’t really understand why you would want to dress up as a superhero that someone else invented for children. 

Sound alerts for social media notifications also irritate me. No one else needs to hear that. Has someone fallen down a well? Are you a paramedic? Is there a fire that needs your attention? No, it’s your friend Sandra and she’s posted a meme.

I also hate peanuts, but only because they are intent on killing me.

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