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Gabrio Linari

About Gabrio

Hi there, my name is Gabrio and I am the Head of SEO at Reflect Digital.

During these past few years, I have been involved in SEO-related activities in one way or another, starting in London and then moving around in the agency and freelancing world for some very interesting projects.

On the job, what I really like is creating bespoke SEO strategies for clients by understanding what matters for them and then putting that vision into reality, with the use of creative content, outreach and anything else that comes to mind! I also think that working together as a team is extremely important and great ideas can come from everyone. Always listening and recognising the success of your peers is an important thing and that can come from everyone!

I think I am quite a geek and you cannot work in SEO if you aren't at least a mini one, so I enjoy fixing my computer (breaking it occasionally) when it's not working and challenging Google on a daily basis trying their new features or for ranking client websites better. Now I've even taken a bigger challenge here at Reflect Digital of using an Apple MacBook which I have never used before!

Before working in SEO I was working in photography and had my company in Italy which took me all over the world for photo shoots, but that's now more of a hobby than anything else really. Before doing that I was helping companies in Italy with their marketing and translating as I have always loved English.

Gabrio's Likes & Dislikes


As every good Italian, I love my food and eating out, it's one of my passions. Just recently me and my wife have been eating out quite a LOT, so by now I know more or less every restaurant in Maidstone (too bad there's not a Ramen place). Interesting fact: a few years ago I have attended a cooking school in London called “Le Cordon Bleu” and I have to say that it was an amazing experience, I met some great people and learnt that you can never have enough butter! Jokes aside, I love cooking at home and my speciality is hand made gnocchi which are a long tradition in my family.

I do enjoy sports, swimming, cycling, kickboxing, a good walk in the park, then MotoGP (go Valentino!) and fast cars, had quite a few over the years but not owning any vehicle now.... we shall see over the next few months if the situation will change! Also visiting an interesting museum, there's so many great things out there!

Quite a cliché' these days but I ALSO love travelling and have been lucky to see so many beautiful places in the past few years, I enjoy a bit of buzz and feeling alive but at the same time it's important to take it easy and let your body and mind rest otherwise the machine will fail. With this “always-on” culture we have these days, it's so difficult to unplug, especially for kids.


Early mornings I suppose, have never been a morning person really, since my younger years I remember always having a hard time getting up for going to school! Other than that I guess a poorly cooked meal (see above), maybe because my mom is such a good cook. Now I am spoiled by my wife as well who can cook some amazing Asian dishes, in particular, a dessert called Mango Float which is heavenly.

I also don't like traffic jams and when things don't go the way I planned but hey, that's life!

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