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Gemma Kane

About Gemma

Hey I'm Gemma, Senior Account Manager here at Reflect. 
I've been working agency side and in digital for around 10 years now. I'm a closet geek; I love a good bit of data and a spreadsheet!
Right now, it’s a really exciting time for digital and I'm lucky to be a part of it. I'm particularly passionate about and fascinated by UX and technological innovation (such as VR and AR). Not only can we make some really quantifiable business decisions with the vast amount of information available to us, but we can also push the technology we use to engage customers; technology they can feasibly use as business owners themselves.

Gemma's Likes & Dislikes

Coffee is the thing that fuels my day; I’ll be your best friend for a coconut milk latte first thing in the morning. At the weekend you'll either find me at Brands Hatch or at home upcycling and crafting - not as grandma-ish as it sounds, I promise! Then my favourite way to keep fit is by practicing and (when I can) competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ). I think I've been involved in martial arts as long as I've been involved in digital now, and I'm part of the UK Women’s committee for promoting the sport and the success of its female practitioners.

Top of my list for dislikes is tomatoes - finding one in a sandwich will ruin my day… They are a food invader whose taste is left on everything, you can't just pick them out! 

Bad drivers are just careless; they’re annoying to be around and, on a serious note, it's not safe. Nothing is that urgent. 

And lastly, no I don't want to talk about Love Island so please don't ask.

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