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Holly Casady

About Holly

I have worked within the marketing industry for over 10 years. Working for a number of agencies has allowed me to work with many clients across the automotive, alcohol, fashion, food and building industries.

Throughout my career, I’ve learnt to work with an integrated approach, from traditional to online marketing, to PR and social media to experiential projects. All of the campaigns have allowed me to learn and grow my knowledge when it comes to strategic thinking and efficient execution. No client, product or project is and should not be the same.

I’m a forward thinker and an honest worker. I thrive on building strong work relationships with my colleagues and clients. 

Holly's Likes & Dislikes

Things I love:

Obviously, has to be my girls. Luna my daughter and Nellie my other daughter in a fur coat.

Love going on walks and finding a good country pub along the way. Favourite drink would be a good glass of red. In the summer it would be either be a glass of prosecco or an expresso martini.

I love coffee, instant, ground, ice cream coffee, coffee cake... you name it,  I’ll have it.


Things I dislike:

Fish, I’ve only ever tried a fish finger!? I have a phobia of eating any fish

Rubbish - littered streets upsets me. Pick up your own mess. 

Hate being late for things, I’m normally the first one at every occasion. So getting stuck in traffic is my worst nightmare.

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