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Jasmine Lee

About Jasmine

Hi, I’m Jasmine and I joined Reflect Digital as a digital marketing executive. As a current university student studying Business and Management, I want to gain more insight into digital marketing as I feel there’s much more I want to learn that my degree has not yet offered. I see myself as an enthusiastic and driven individual who is up for any challenge, so I’m keen to devote all my energy to my next adventure at Reflect. I couldn’t believe that such small and simple changes in a website can dramatically increase results for a business, and I wanted to know how.

Jasmine's Likes & Dislikes

I’m obsessed with music. As a musician I’ve attempted to learn a few instruments (piano, guitar, bass, violin, mandolin and ukulele) and even performed a few gigs. I also have been a beekeeper for several years and have enjoyed caring for my own hives in the past. Everyone always asks me a tonne of questions about bees, and I can't understand why people are scared of them. I also love a good country pub. I'm working my way round the best country pubs in Kent- there's something about the food!

However, I’m a seriously picky eater so there are quite a few foods I don’t like.  I can’t stand mushrooms (there’s something about the texture), seafood and lamb. It’s often difficult to find things on menus that I won’t pick at or dislike and that's a massive challenge.

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