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Katie Johnson

About Katie


Hey, I’m Katie, an Account Executive here at Reflect Digital!

I graduated last year with a degree in Media and Communications, and I'm so excited to be in an agency environment, having previously worked for in-house marketing and client services teams. I’m a super enthusiastic person, I love learning new things and solving creative problems. I am definitely a people person and am really excited to work closely with clients and learn more about the digital landscape and marketing world.

Katie's Likes & Dislikes


I’ve definitely caught the travel bug, I’ve been lucky enough to go on some amazing trips around Australia, Europe and Asia and will try to squeeze in a city break whenever I have the chance!
Ice-cream is probably my most favourite thing ever, I would happily eat it for every meal if it was acceptable, if only it was calorie free...
I’ve really got into yoga in the past year, I find it such a great way to relax and have been to some amazing classes, my favourite class was on a clifftop in Newquay.



Pigeons are something I can’t stand, they’re always in the way, I don’t understand why there's so many of them.
I’m a bit of a clean freak and mess drives me a little crazy.
I really hate the rain, it’s so inconvenient and ruins plans and hair. Unless I’m having a duvet day, I find the rain hugely annoying!

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