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Leah Patterson

About Leah

Hey, I’m Leah, I started here as an intern and was lucky enough to be offered a permanent position as Reflect Digital’s Junior Developer! After studying Digital Arts at university and learning the basics of building a website and how to make them look pretty, I decided to take another year of studying (and maybe a little bit of partying!) in computer science, to feed my interest in back-end development and problem-solving. I obviously enjoyed it...and here I am, ready and eager to learn more!

Leah's Likes & Dislikes

All of my likes go hand-in-hand pretty well! I love being out in the sun whether it’s going for a walk, reading a book on the beach or a picnic at the park; whenever I can be, I will be outside. Whilst I’m out in the sun, my drink of choice is normally a nice, cold lager and lime (not the elegant, girly cocktail people normally expect me to order). As I love being outside, I also obviously love going on holiday and spending all day every day exploring somewhere new. Austria at Christmas time is one of my favourites so far.

This bit will make me seem a little pathetic...as much as I’ve tried to grow out of these fears, I still don’t like spiders or the dark. Don’t judge me! I also struggle with mess - I can’t concentrate in a messy room... I especially hate a messy kitchen and my slight OCD has probably driven past housemates a little crazy!

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