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Mike Steer

About Mike

Hi, I’m Mike, how you doing? 

I head up the team of four awesome developers at Reflect who build and maintain all of our websites.

I get told I look like a lot of famous people. It’s not because I’m particularly good looking, more than I have a bald head and stubble, so as a good friend once told me - “you have a generic face”. I’ve been working in the web since 2010, and absolutely love what I do. Seriously, I’m one of those people who look forward to Mondays! 

I’ve always worked in IT, starting my career working Pfizer (where they invented the little blue pill), then spent around a decade working for the Ministry of Defence. I could tell you more, but I’d have to kill you and we’ve only just met. I'd been working in IT for about 15 years in various roles, but nothing had really grabbed me. Purely by accident, I ended up helping a friend with some changes with their website.  I had no idea what I was doing but loved that you could create something from nothing.  

A bit like an artist I suppose, but sadly I reached my artistic peak around age 4, so this was quite exciting.  After that initial fix, I started looking at online videos, courses and just started building things.  I enjoyed it so much I quit the job I'd been in for over 10 years to start at the bottom of the ladder as a Junior Developer. The rest, as they say, is history…

There have already been so many career highlights! From seeing the first site I built go live for the whole world to see, all the way to giving my first public talk on getting into development to a group of sixth formers at a local school, it's been a fantastic ride so far, and I'm only just getting started!

Mike's Likes & Dislikes

So, picking three dislikes is really quite hard.  I'm a glass half full kind of guy (preferably half full with a nice cold beer).  Which takes me nicely into my likes.  I love a good beer, not your standard Fosters - I mean proper beer, ales, pilsners, etc.  It's more of a hobby really.  I'm also partial to all things carb based.  I love food generally, but pastas, bread, pizza, oh - this is making me hungry.  I love a bit of F1 action.  Looking forward to Silverstone next year.  

So for the dislikes; I'm not a fan of fish and seafood, winkles - what are they all about!  I do love a good film, but I have to say I'm really not a fan of a chick flick.  Finally my now departed Rover 25, It did me well, but boy was it unreliable.

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