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Sabik Quddus

About Sabik

Hi, my name is Sabik and I am an SEO Executive at Reflect Digital! 

My digital journey to Reflect started from humble beginnings working for Heathrow and Macmillan as a Social Media Executive looking after their social pages, seeing a wide range of posts from fake bomb threats, to seeing pictures of cakes on a daily basis for the World's Biggest Coffee Morning campaign.

I have had an avid interest in all things digital since studying marketing at university, and I quickly learnt that there isn't a one size fits all when it comes to digital marketing. After leaving my last role, I realised that I wanted to specialise within an area of digital which has led me to the SEO role here at Reflect. 

The industry we work in is constantly changing, and what might have worked a few years ago will most certainly not work now, meaning as a marketer we must adapt and apply new learnings at an alarming rate. The challenge is keeping on top of trends, and understanding how to apply said trends into my clients work.

Sabik's Likes & Dislikes


I love my music and during my time at Reflect, the team will see a huge addition of music to the Reflect Spotify Playlist. I think I'm able to cater to everyone, but my genre tends to swing towards the more urban music. 

There are too many TV and films to watch these days, and my list is forever growing! However you'll catch me watching The US Office, and Bob's Burgers the most. If you haven't watched Bob's Burgers, then you really are missing out... There are probably a lot of episodes of The US Office, that I can recite word for word. 

I am an avid Fifa player and will tend to play big title games. Will always get any and all Tom Clancy games as well. 


Seafood, if I can smell the sea in the fish then its a no from me. 

Reality TV is a massive no-no. Just no. 

Slow drivers are the worst, I'm not saying you should be driving around fast everywhere but doing 15mph in a 30 zone? Please move over so I can pass you at least. 

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