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Sacha Macias

About Sacha

Hi, I'm Sacha. I am Office Manager here at Reflect Digital.

I worked as an Event Manager working on large awards ceremonies in various industries for 5 years, and last year decided to try a new role which would allow me a better work/life balance. So here I am at Reflect Digital, bringing the skills I learned in my previous role, to keep everyone in check!

Sacha's Likes & Dislikes

My passions are live music, beauty and the 90's! I spend as much of my time as possible at music festivals - nothing better than dancing in a field with your mates! I can't stand PDA's (social media included), and people refering to themselves as Mummy/Daddy of their pets. I have 2 sons aged 4 & 8 so must have coffee coursing through my veins 24/7! I am quite outspoken I 'spose and love to fight for the underdog!

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