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Swapnil Shah

About Swapnil

Hey hey. My name is Swapnil. I am the new dev intern at Reflect Digital. As with most things in my life, I meandered my way into studying Computer Science after working as a teacher initially.

You will struggle to find me serious, always looking to laugh and make others laugh or smile. Sometimes, this doesn’t work and I have the opposite effect but I am too positive to let that effect me. I am Indian by birth and can be considered a local expert on all things Indian in Maidstone (just the huge number of Indian restaurants, some good, many bad). 

I am looking forward to developing my programming skills during my time here at Reflect learning from the more experienced devs that work here, although one (they shall remain unnamed) has already warned me about ‘grumpy old devs’: should I be worried?

To truly understand me, you only need to look at the personality profile for an ENFP (https://www.16personalities.com/enfp-personality). I am a dreamer at heart and am driven by wanting to help others and make a difference. 

Much love. 

Swapnil's Likes & Dislikes

I enjoy adding huge amounts of anything spicy on most food I eat, to the extent that I carry a vial of Habanero chilli powder on my key ring. In my defense, it was a present -just sad that I didn’t discover it earlier.
I love socialising with people and meeting new people, whether that is doing something active together, or just a peaceful conversation.
I love being creative. I am better at some things however, and photography is the area in which I can say that I have a reasonable amount of skill.

Are you ready for a shock?
I absolutely detest, chocolate. It gets worse: I also hate cakes, biscuits, ice-cream, cookies. Anything sweet and you will find me walking the other way. I prefer consuming chillis at the rate other people consume chocolate and other sweet foods. 
You weren’t ready, were you?
Continuing the food thread,  bad Indian food just makes me sad. The Indian food scene has improved in the last few years, but there were some dark times before the sun shone through.
I am struggling to find dislikes so this last one may be weak. I dislike my impatience.

I hope you enjoyed the introspection. 

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