Tiberiu Raducea | Front End Developer at Reflect Digital

Tiberiu Raducea

About Tiberiu

I'm Tibi, Front End Developer at Reflect Digital.  During University I worked as a chef mainly to pay the bills and that went on for about 5 years. After graduating with a degree in Internet Computing I started freelancing as a web developer then worked in a agency for a year as a web designer and developer. I have an absolute passion for code in particular for front end development where my main skill set lies. My personal mission is to build simple and elegant products and solutions to solve even the biggest business challenges. I am constantly researching new techniques and learning new skills as what it is possible from the front end design of a website is forever changing! 

Tiberiu's Likes & Dislikes

A little bit about me - I like everything about food, baby animals, good movies, tv series and all good music. My favourite sport is football, although I don't support a team I just enjoy playing. I also love all mechanical things and tinkering with stuff. I have always enjoyed designing, drawing and creating things. Of course most of my free time is for my lovely wife.

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