Tom Markland | Account Director at Reflect Digital Contact

Tom Markland

About Tom

Also known as Northern Tom, as the name would suggest I am from a little town called Manchester, home of both the best and the worst football clubs in the world. I started my business career aged 12 selling Santa clause letters door-to-door around the local area, delivering them on my BMX Christmas morning.

After this I progressed into sourcing and selling sports equipment in the same way door-to-door, which eventually led to me running an online sports website sourcing and selling the equipment from various sources. Here I fell in love with all things digital. During this time I tried my hand at several additional projects, from an ID verification app to a Digital football agency, all utilising my digital/creative expertise.

I finally set up my own digital creative agency in Manchester in 2012, working with the likes of Thompson Local, Mello drinks etc. we saw reasonable success, nominated for a number of awards including full service agency of the year at the Talk of Manchester awards 2015.

In 2016 I moved to Reflect to work with this amazing team helping us grow to the next level, and I haven’t looked back!

Tom's Likes & Dislikes

Having spent most of my teenage years looking like an Augustus Gloop lookalike, I have a slight obsession with all things fitness. Though I can confirm, I will only mention how hard my morning workout was, once a day, so just a quick heads up there. Anyone who knows me well will tell you there are two special little ones in my life, and as sad as it sounds, my two cats Billy and Mitzi are my soft spot. As someone who requires quite literally a cup of water in the face or 20 alarms to wake up, sleep contributes to both one of my likes and possibly my largest dislikes.

Being from the Red side of Manchester, that team ‘who shall not be named’ are one of my largest dislikes, although in FIFA 17, I am guilty of using them once or twice, they are pretty good. Finally perhaps my most unusual dislike is mashed potato, I actually don’t mind it too much these days, though I thought it would be entertaining to watch the design team create a mashed potato Icon.

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