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Becky talks all about Gamification at the recent Maidstone Meetup!

You can watch the full talk here!

  • 04/10/2018
  • by Abigail

Becky talks about Gamification: The Antidote to Modern Advertising

Becky recently spoke at the Maidstone Digital Meetup, which is held by Reflect Digital in Maidstone every month. During her talk, Becky explained why Gamification should be considered for modern advertising, and why it's the antidote to consumer engagement. 

For this report, we spoke to 2,000 UK consumers to explore the current state of online marketing and advertising, and test people’s tendency to engage with, buy from and continue to buy from a brand that gamified their marketing. Our report not only explains why gamification is essential for brand exposure but also explores new statistics around future consumers.


Here's the full talk...

To download the full Gamification Report click here!