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WordPress Websites

WordPress is used to build millions of sites and is one of the largest self-hosted blogging tools across the world.

What is WordPress good for

From a website about your dog to a multi-national website, WordPress can be used for both.  The key features & benefits of using WordPress:  

  • Compliance- WordPress have made sure that every aspect of a generated code is in full compliance with WS3
  • Rebuilding- once a new template or entry has been created there is no need to regenerate static pages
  • WordPress Pages- if you had a static page on your site, for example an “about us” page this can be managed easily by WordPress pages
  • Password protection-WordPress allows you to protect individual pages and posts and to hide them from the public if necessary. You are also able to have private posts that are on viewable by the author.
  • Linking-WordPress uses Ping-O-Matic which gives your site maximum exposure to search engines.
  • Authors- A WordPress advanced user system will allow up to 10 different users privileges including publishing and editing.

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