Human behaviour approach to SEO & Paid drives 2,985% ROAS for property brand



Greenwich Peninsula is a prominent player in the property development space. Located in the heart of London with a commitment to creating vibrant, forward-thinking community spaces. 

Operating in a highly competitive market, Greenwich Peninsula sought to distinguish itself and increase brand awareness among buyers and investors. They partnered with us to deliver a campaign that would communicate the advantages of purchasing property off-plan and convey the unique value proposition that comes with investing in a Greenwich Peninsula property. 

The objective was to provide high-quality sales leads to push their units for the launch of their new building. 



We proposed an integrated SEO and Paid marketing approach to increase engagement and sales in their key markets. 

Our human-first approach lead our team to carry out a meticulous audience research project to define core personas and customer journeys ahead of campaign plans. By focusing on three core markets for Greenwich Peninsula and with a deeper understanding of those persona’s drivers we were able to craft campaigns geared towards driving action. 

Skills leveraged: 

  • Strategic Consultancy 
  • Google Search Ads
  • Meta Ads
  • YouTube Ads 
  • Persona workshop


By taking this initiative we were able to exceed the client’s expectations and budgets, selling out the campaigns’ original focus building in just three months and shifting our focus to a different one where already 90% of the units have sold out. 

  • 104% increase in paid leads YoY
  • Support in 90% of units in the second building Harbour Walk being sold
  • 4 property sales directly attributable to paid activity 
  • ROAS of 2985% 
  • 13,595% increase in organic visibility for branded terms (0.23% to 31.5%) 
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increase in leads YoY (organic search & paid)


Sold out




return on advertising spend



European Search Awards: Best Use of Search 

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