Harnessing paid media and geotargeting to deliver a 330% increase in enquiry conversion rate



As one of London’s leading video production studios, Cherryduck Studios needed to remain visible in searches in London as a whole, but implement a local focussed emphasis on the account to maximize traffic from locally based filmmakers, creative agencies and directors. 

The Studio space is uniquely located in East London, with a large portion of their competition being located in and around Soho. Making sure they remained as competitive as possible for related searches in and around their location was key for their marketing plans for the new calendar year.



Our paid media team utilised a range of Google’s location and bidding tools to allow Cherryduck to target the whole of London while using incremental radius targeting to increase bid spend for users making their search based on their distance from the studios. This proved incredibly successful, with the conversion rate and online enquiries increasing.

Furthermore, to reduce wastage, we used negative targeting to ensure Cherryduck Studios ads were only shown to users within their target locations, reducing Google’s decision making control. 


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As a result of our incremental radius targeting the rate at which users submitted an online enquiry rose by 330%! While the bid adjustments did increase our cost per click, and thus reducing overall traffic, by the end of the first quarter after making these changes, we had already seen a 112.5% increase in the number of online website enquiries. 

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Increase in online form enquiries



Increase in enquiry conversion rate


Incremental Targeting

Allowed us to target the whole of London



Budget waste through negative keyword targeting

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