Combining PR and CRO to drive a 50% increase in bookings



Complete Pilates is one of London’s leading physio-led Pilates companies. They came to us looking for greater clarity on data while also wanting to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and increase bookings. 



Following an audit of their new website, our Digital PR and SEO team devised a plan to focus on increasing the client’s back link profile and overall domain authority, with the objective of increasing visibility and driving more traffic. A core element of this was citation flow, which was significantly lower than their main competitors. A reactive and pro-active PR approach would enable us to increase the client’s appearance on relevant, high authority websites to bridge the gap between them and their competitors. 

With a steady stream of high-quality links coming in, and more traffic as a result of this activity. We set our focus to doing more with these users. Our CRO team knew conversion rate could be improved and an initial survey of the site revelead a low (0.95%) conversion rate on the site’s book now button. Several test variants were introduced, the first being a split URL test for their London studio, we:

  • Moved CTAs higher up the page
  • Added prominent locations for all studios
  • Added pricing 
  • Added social proof (quotes and recommendations) 
  • Reworded the copy to be benefit-led 

The second was a variant test for the Group Pilates page (a prominent page in the navigation) where we added social proof in the form of testimonial quotes and recommendations in two tests to determine if this would result in higher conversions. 

Our CRO team also worked closely with the client to develop the site’s organisational structure and menu to aid client journeys and keep users browsing relevant content for longer.


Our efforts resulted in 30 high-quality links in publications such as Men’s Health, Cycling Weekly, The Telegraph and more, with an estimated 690k views and a 30% increase in traffic. We also successfully increased the client’s citation flow from 26 to 34,  beating one competitor (26) and matching another! 

While our CRO team’s efforts help drive 50% more bookings through test variants. Our split URL test generated a 3.74% conversion rate compared to the previous 0.93% on the original page. At the same time, our Group Pilates test variant saw a 0.26% and 2.56% conversion rate compared to the 0% seen on the original version of the page. 


more bookings


conversion rate increase (pilates London) 


conversion rate increase (pilates group) 


increase in traffic

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