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Custom Size beds are a premium manufacturer of custom sized and shaped foam mattresses for caravans, motorhomes, boats and domestic use.  Custom Size Beds came to Reflect Digital to take their digital marketing to the next level and increase their market visibility and market share.

The Brief

Custom size beds had been running paid search activity through AdWords, but it was not generating the expected level of leads. 

Understanding the conversion rate and user engagement of a website is vital to being able to optimise the performance of a paid search campaign, as it is with all forms of marketing, but no e-commerce or goal conversion tracking was in place, so this needed to be immediately implemented.

The account had been set up in house but they needed a professional paid search team to review the account and show them how the account could be improved.

Our key objective were to:

  • increase profitability by improving visibility for all core product types 
  • increasing conversion rates
  • reduce cost per acquisition

Our Solution

After an initial account audit, it was clear that the account needed to be restructured. Despite best intentions and clear following of Google help documents, the account was not structured for optimum performance meaning budget was being wasted.

We discussed the industry with Custom Size Beds and broke down the business into its core areas. We built the new AdWords account to focus campaigns to customers for each of these areas. This allowed us to ensure that ads and keywords were as relevant as possible to the potential customer whilst eliminating overlap and self-cannibalisation.

As a result, we saw an increase in average Quality score for the account from 6/10 to a new account average of 9/10.

The new account saw Ad click through rate increased from 8.45% to 23.9%.

We also assisted the client to put in place full e-commerce tracking, linking their Woo Commerce system to both Google Analytics and AdWords.


The changes to the account structure and targeting allowed us to optimise the account to eliminate wasteful market areas and generate an improved conversion rate of 2.72%, up from 1.86%.

The return on investment for the new account increased to £1.71 (including taking agency fees into account). This is up from an ROI of £0.73 for the old account.

Results at a glance:

  • We increased conversion rate by 31%, up to 2.72% from 1.86%
  • ROI was improved by 57%, up to £1.71 from £0.73
  • Cost per acquisition was reduced by 53.58% down to £36.74 from £79.16
  • Ad click through rate increased by 182% from 8.45% to 23.9%
  • Average quality score increased by 50%, from 6/10 to 9/10

The account has shown positive growth repeatedly month on month in the 8 months since restructuring. With the information gathered from the new tracking system, the account is expected to continue to flourish with informed optimisations for seasonality over the coming year.


  • 31%

    Increase in conversion rate

  • 53.58%

    Decrease in cost per acquisition

  • 57%

    Increase in ROI

  • 182%

    Increase in ad click through rate

  • 50%

    Increase in average quality score

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