A truly integrated SEO & PPC strategy for driving international growth



As the world leader in advanced technology floors and stage systems for dance, performing arts, entertainment and events, Harlequin Floors wanted a joined-up SEO and PPC strategy to help them grow internationally as they embarked on the challenge of launching several websites in their key markets, including:

  1. UK
  2. Australia
  3. Germany
  4. France
  5. Europe
  6. Spain 
  7. Asia


A local language strategy was developed to drive business in each of their key markets.

In order to achieve exceptional international results worthy of a standing ovation, our SEO and PPC experts carried out extensive keyword research using our in-house language experts so they could implement appropriate strategies for each of Harlequin’s key markets and improve their overall search activity in a number of countries, drive more traffic to their sites and convert more customers. 

The PPC team had a more focused strategy on two key areas, their German market and English Language EU shop. To support this our PPC team created a localised account, tailored to the German market and rebuilt Harlequin’s existing English Language European Shop, to account for differing RRP, taxes etc in each location.


Since working with Harlequin, their international search activity is performing exceptionally, with organic traffic to the UK site ‘grand jeté’-ing’ almost 60%, the English-Language Europe site seeing a 31.9% rise in organic traffic over the last five months and the French website seeing a 32.45% increase. 

Meantime, PPC has seen impressive results; a 95% increase in conversion rates over the last 12 months for DE search and the European Shop generating a 176% ROI.

This activity has resulted in Harlequin authorising further PPC search and shopping account builds for additional European markets, including France, their biggest market. 

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Increase in organic GB traffic



Increase in organic EU traffic 



Increase in organic FR traffic 



Increase in DE conversion rates

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