Uncovering the VoD landscape to position UKTV PLAY as a market leader



UKTV Play is one of the UK’s leading VoD services and is the ‘on-demand home’ to Dave, Drama, W & Yesterday channels. With an array of domains and channels targeting different demographics and personas, UKTV Play’s position in the market was muddled and undefined. 

They came to us looking to streamline their online position in the VoD landscape with SEO at the forefront of their future domain decisions and optimisations. As such, UKTV needed to understand the current state of play of all subdomains as well as get a better understanding of the business and digital requirements necessary to maintain and strengthen the existing value of the platform. 



Leveraging our expertise in domain strategies, technical SEO and uncovering organic opportunities, we presented UKTV Play with a domain consolidation strategy which would maintain and enhance the current organic offering. 

We identified a number of technical issues with the current site, which with the relevant fixes in place, will improve the indexation and rank-ability of the site. Furthermore, we equipped UKTV Play with the data to understand how they were currently performing in the market and what they needed to do in order to take their organic visibility to the next level.  

Skills leveraged: 


With these changes, we witnessed some notable outcomes for the client, including, an increase of 22% in trust flow and impressions. With this there was a 378% increase in backlinks to the UKTV website and +27% in citation flow.

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