Persona-driven CRO experimentation drives +161% return on investment for charity



Anti-poverty charity, Christian Aid, approached Reflect Digital in 2022 as they were looking to drive a 20% increase the number of conversions and donations coming from their website. 

While driving donations and revenue were the core objectives of this campaign, the client was also keen to learn lessons and discover audience drivers which could be used to inform other areas of marketing in the future.



Our CX team proposed a test-and-learn approach and persona research project to determine what factors drive users to donate. Before work could begin, our CRO experts reviewed the Christian Aid website to form a roadmap of optimisation sprints that could take place. This agile approach ensured complete focus and delivery of the highest impact in all areas. 

In total, over 6 months, we conducted 16 tests, ranging in focus from traditional UX elements to journeys, website copy and imagery. All tests were based on our human behaviour approach and key insights from user research across Christian Aid’s personas.

First, we optimised the key landing and conversion page: ways to donate. By breaking up the copy into easy-to-understand categories with reduced scroll, we improved the UX and made it easier for users to digest the information available. Rather than pushing people to donate online (something we’d found was a barrier to conversion), we detailed multiple donation methods. The site user journeys were then optimised to ensure users were better guided to this key page. 

Next, we tackled the East Africa Appeal landing page. This was a key campaign for Christian Aid, which drove users from digital and offline channels to donate to tackle poverty and hunger in East Africa. Having already made some key learnings from previous optimisations, our team proposed a text-heavy page with key design changes to help reduce duplication and provide clarity for CTAs,  headings and informational copy. We also tested amending the messaging itself, with higher levels of empathy included, in the new format. 


The Ways to Donate test resulted in 
  • 1,240 transactions 
  • 19.06% conversion rate
  • £123k donations / revenue 
The East Africa Crisis Appeal page optimisations resulted in
  • Improved conversion rate by 12.36% when comparing the winning variant with the original
  • Increased revenue of £19,688.76, including all test variations Vs the original alone
The What We Do page test resulted in
  • Estimated additional revenue since pushing the winning test variant live to 100% of audience: £5,788.07
  • A 109.1% increase in donation conversion rate

in additional donations received


conversion rate increase


return on investment


new donations from the ways to donate page

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