Aligning conversion focus towards customer intent to drive an increase in leads for a law client



As a newly disruptive face within the landscape of law - Lawbite provides business legal advice across a range of verticals, and at a very attractive price. Although the offering is more cost effective than competitor services, the ways in which customers were connecting with LawBite was not heavily considered.



We put our paid experts on the case, and, after an analysis of landing pages, audiences and conversion rate by date/time, (among other variables) we developed a strict strategy for serving ads to specific users at predetermined intervals throughout the week. 

Our research revealed that legal advice-based decisions for B2B are often time-constrained. So, we tailored our ad messaging and landing pages to push key conversion actions and put a heavy focus on phone calls; allowing for more real-time conversions in-line with our findings. 

As part of our human-insights approach, we also decided to implement ad-scheduling to ensure customers would connect with a real person during the client’s working hours. This was a key driver for Conversion Rate (CVR), as employee downtime led to almost no conversion with high spend. 


  1. Paid search
  2. Conversion rate optimisation
  3. Automated bidding
  4. Ad-scheduling 


Within 4 months our new strategy had delivered an impressive increase in leads; doubling pre-existing numbers with only a small increase in spend. But, this was only the beginning.

As we used newer data points to make more informed decisions, we continuously saw an increase in monthly leads. Resulting in consistent best-ever months for the business. PLUS, users who signed up to LawBite’s free plan were more frequently moving towards paid services, with a CVR change from 2 to 4% and growing! 

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increase in monthly lead volume



the number of leads in four months



increase in CVR of users moving frm free to paid plans



consistently since launch

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