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Whitehead Monckton is one of the largest legal practices in Kent, but, as with any ambitious business, they came to us with big growth objectives. 

The client already had a well-established organic online presence as a result of our previous SEO endeavours, their real challenge was on optimising the on-page experience of their landing pages to deliver higher conversions and make more out of the traffic they were already driving. 



#1 Optimise High Traffic Blog Landing Pages - High-ranking blog posts were key traffic drivers for Whitehead Monkton, but, while great for delivering new users, the pages weren’t delivering leads. Our behavioural specialists proposed using A/B testing to trial improved copy, form placement and the use of a prominent call-to-action in a bid to make users feel more supported and therefore increase the likelihood of them reaching out to Whitehead Monkton with their legal concerns. 

#2 Page Structure and Improved Messaging - The client’s conveyancing page was another driver of traffic that wasn’t delivering conversions. We proposed a new page structure with new and improved copy that focused on the speed of service and understanding their audience’s challenges. A split URL test was used to ensure we could understand if these changes made any impact on Whitehead Monckton’s bottom line. 


  • CRO
  • A/B testing
  • Heatmap and content analysis 
  • Google Analytics review


Our optimisations delivered an outstanding 171.07% increase in conversion rate from high-ranking blog pages. 

Over on our conveyancing page, we were pleased to see that our new page optimisations had generated an 11.7% conversion rate. An increase of 245.5% from the original page conversion rate of 3.39%. Furthermore, clicks to the contact page nearly doubled from 6.78% of users to 13.51%! 

Overall the client saw a 25% increase in lead conversion rates year on year and it’s safe to say that they are over the moon with the results of our CRO tests; once again proving that understanding human behaviour is the key to success. 

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Increase in conversion rate on the conveyancing page



The number of clicks to the contact page



Increase in leads generated via the website year on year



Increase in conversion rate from the blog page

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