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Becky is Reflect Digital’s CEO, having started Reflect Digital in 2011 she has grown the business to the strong agency team it is today. With over 16 years of marketing experience, 12 of those specifically in digital, Becky is a strategist at heart. Full of creative ideas but with an eye always on ROI, Becky has a natural talent for spotting campaign opportunities and ensuring value is delivered. 

Becky often shares her startup story, a dream of a young girl wanting to follow in her Dad’s steps to start a business one day. When the opportunity presented itself, fed up with her current role, with the support of her mum and dad and just £3,000 initial investment Becky started Reflect Digital at the age of 24. The journey has certainly had its highs and lows, but Becky has an insatiable drive to achieve and is always open to sharing the highs and the lows of building a business. 

Over the years Becky has been fortunate enough to work with brands of all sizes from startup tech businesses that have scaled to multi-million-pound entities to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. In 2019, Becky and Paul guided Reflect Digital into joining the LAB Group, a fantastic opportunity to make Reflect Digital more unique and to add a new USP, understanding human behaviour, something Becky has always been interested in.

Becky always challenges the norm, this was demonstrated when Reflect Digital brought in the 4-day working week in 2018, this led to Becky sharing their story on Sky News and since then to many other media outlets and directly with business owners, offering advice on how to make the change. 

Over the years Reflect Digital has accumulated quite the trophy cupboard, Becky has personally added to this with a Young Entrepreneur of the Year award at the KEIBA’s in 2016 and more recently Agency Leader of the Year at the 2019 Wirehive 100 Awards. 

Becky has a passion for all things digital, work-life balance and a real focus on developing young talent and increasing the digital industry’s visibility to students.

Her expertise

Digital is evolving, faster than many people can keep up with. With Becky’s wealth of experience and the Reflect Digital team’s knowledge, Becky equips businesses and gives them the confidence to embrace digital and create impactful campaigns. From gamification to agency leadership, Becky has delivered talks across the globe at leading conferences and summits. Becky’s talks are always focused on audience takeaways, ensuring that everyone in the room can take something away they can implement easily. 

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    Reflect Digital are experts in search and Becky often delivers talks sharing the innovative work the agency is doing to stay ahead of the algorithm changes and to ensure SEO is not siloed and instead seen as a holistic part of marketing with humans at the centre.

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    Reflect Digital use their expertise in human psychology powered with AI technology to supercharge growth on paid advertising activities. Becky has delivered a number of talks on this subject, sharing proven methodologies to increase paid media return on investment.

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    Becky and the team have run a large variety of gamification campaigns over the last 5 years and therefore Becky has a great story to tell around what works, what doesn’t and the keys to successful gamification. Becky’s gamification talks always leave the audience full of ideas and clear on next steps for their gamification journey.

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    Women in business

    Becky is proud to be a female entrepreneur in the tech landscape and hopes to inspire other women to harness their dreams in digital. Becky is keen to share her journey to help inspire others and in particular working with young women to ensure they realise their potential is endless.

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    Agency Leadership

    Becky is incredibly passionate about driving Reflect Digital forward and putting the team first. Reflect Digital introduced a 4-day week to challenge the norm and offer a flexible structure. Becky is extremely open and honest and loves sharing her journey to help others.

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    Career Mentor

    Empowering the young people of today is so important when it comes to closing the digital skills gap, Becky is heavily involved with local schools, colleges and universities, this is a real passion of hers. Demonstrated by the creation of Aspiration Digital, an annual digital careers conference.

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    Work culture and wellbeing

    Becky is committed to looking after the team’s mental health and wellbeing, and ensuring there is a great work-life balance. Happy, healthy staff really do deliver better work and Becky is keen to share her knowledge to help put culture and wellbeing in the top priorities for more businesses.

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Rewatch her talks

Becky has delivered a whole range of talks at leading search and tech events across the globe, alongside appearing on TV shows such as The One Show and Sky News. Here you can catch some of Becky’s talks on gamification, PPC, SEO, the 4 day week and more.

4 Day Work Week | The One Show | November 2018
The Future of Search is Understanding Human Behaviour | Brighton SEO | September 2019
Welcome | Aspiration Digital | November 2019
Growing your customer base with gamification | DMWF | May 2019
Is Behaviour Economics Your New Superpower? | Hero Conf | October 2019
4 Day Work Week | Sky | September 2018

Podcasts and interviews

SEO SAS Podcast

Becky starred as a guest on the SEO SAS podcast, the episode 'the one where we chat to Becky Simms from Reflect Digital.' Becky talked about her experience of running a digital agency and discussed the game changers in the digital world. She also shared her SEO top-tips and explained why creating a joined-up approach in your marketing strategy is crucial.

BBC Radio Kent Interview

Working a 4 Day Week is a hot topic at the moment with Labour promising it to the workforce in the UK. Our CEO Becky Simms went live on BBC Radio Kent just two weeks ago to talk about the many benefits that we've experienced since working a 4-day week at Reflect Digital.

Bird on a Bike Podcast

Becky, our CEO and Founder featured as a guest speaker on The Conversation podcast with host Bird on a Bike. Becky explained the day to day running of Reflect Digital and took show host Sarah through the different teams and roles at the agency and how they work together to deliver awesome for our clients.

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