Becky Simms - CEO of Reflect Digital

Becky Simms

About Becky

I'm Becky, I am the CEO of Reflect Digital. I have worked within online marketing for the last 10 years, I live and breathe digital. I absolutely love strategising with clients, coming up with features/functionality for websites and then working out how to track its effectiveness! Not forgetting building campaign ideas and seeing these materialise into leads and then revenue for our clients!

I started Reflect Digital in 2011 following a life long dream, inspired by my dad, to run my own business. Here we are, many years later with a team behind me delivering leading solutions to companies of all sizes from one man bands to Premiership Football Clubs. I could not be prouder of our awesome team, every single one of them is key to delivering what we do, day in and day out. 

We have won a number of awards as a business and in 2015 I was lucky enough to be awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the KEIBA awards and in 2016 I am a finalist for the Wirehive’s Digital Leader Award - two very proud achievements. 

Becky's Likes & Dislikes

Eating out is one of my favourite pastimes, from a local restaurant to Michelin star dining - as long as it is good food, I am happy. Having eaten in the number one restaurant in the world for my 30th birthday, is definitely one of my highlights! I also absolutely love a Cosmopolitan, definitely my cocktail of choice - and I do make a mean one, it has sometimes been known as rocket-fuel! Finally I love cats and dogs, we have two cats and a dog in our house and I love them dearly! I am an absolute sucker for all furry animals!

My dislikes… Mushrooms - I have never liked them and never will - end of. Spiders and beetles… My skin is crawling just writing about them, i’m not good with any insect really, but especially spiders and beetles - I have been known to have nightmares about them and to wake up screaming!!

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