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SERP Snippet Optimisation Tool


What is this tool? 

The Google SERP Preview Tool simulates Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs). The tool is easy to use, so all you have to do is input a URL, page title and meta description and it will generate a perfect imitation of what the result would look like on Google. You can utilise this tool to preview what your website would look like if someone was searching on Google with a desktop or mobile device.


Why use a SERP preview tool? 

When a user searches on Google they are presented with a long list of short snippets that give a short insight into each website. To keep the SERP clean, Google puts a limit on how many pixels you can have on a page title and its respective meta description. This Google SERP preview tool allows webmasters and content publishers to simulate what the snippet would look like, allowing for more engaging and eye-catching content. 


The key is to make your site’s listing look more inviting and stand out from the crowd so you can increase your click-through rate (CTR). 


What is a Google Snippet? 

When viewing a SERP on Google, you are presented with a long list of page titles and meta descriptions and so it’s best to have the best-looking one with the most information you can fit in. Here are the main elements: 



Here, it’s best to have a clear hierarchy in your URL as Google could show breadcrumb links in the search results.


Page Title Tag

Google shows up to 552 pixels (including spaces) of a page's title in its search results. If a page title exceeds 552 pixels, Google will show as many whole words as it can, and truncate the rest with an ellipsis (...).


Meta description Tag

The meta description is the piece of text that sits below the title and is a way to give more information to a user. It’s vital to know that Google only shows up to around 990 pixels. If the meta description exceeds 990 pixels, Google would add an ellipsis approximately after the 990th pixel but would try to show as many whole words as possible.  


Note that Google may include the published date if it's included in the web page. This date can be 92 pixels and does count towards the pixel count. We recommend keeping your meta description tag shorter than 898 pixels if you want to include both the data and all your chosen content.


Rich Snippet 

Google can show extra pieces of data depending on the type of page, this can be in the form of a review or upcoming event. This is known as a rich snippet and can help make your site’s listing look more appealing. This SERP checker tool allows you to view what your site’s losing would look like with or without the rich snippet. 






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